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HIMALI welcomes Michael Hauck

    We're honored to welcome Michael Hauck to the HIMALI athlete team!  Mike has some serious projects under his belt, and plenty more in store.  We look forward to sharing Mike's progress with all of you.  We think he's got tons of potential and we're planning on helping him unleash it!

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Doing More

  This photo was taken in 2012 from a riverside in Kathmandu, Nepal. It was tough to witness such a beautiful place, both geographically and culturally, in such an unfortunately sad state. We knew we wanted to do something about it, we just didn't know what. It's been a long while and a serious evolution of thought from the day this photo was taken... Now, we want to introduce the world to HIMALI. This is not about business as usual; it's about doing more. In an effort to stay to true to our values, we want to take a stand against people without fair access to clean water and proper waste disposal. In doing so, HIMALI will take a percentage...

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