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Water Benefit Droplet Tee

  Available now for preorder: HIMALI™ Water Benefit Droplet Tee (Available April, 2015)   Please visit our Kickstarter Campaign to order preorder this Tee! 50% of the proceeds from the Water Benefit Droplet Tee will go directly to water sanitation efforts in   Kathmandu, Nepal. 100% Organic Cotton Men's and Women's Sizes will be available       HIMALI™ is creating a culture with deeper meaning, striving for higher values, and living up to a greater code of social responsibility.

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A Look at Safe Water

As HIMALI searches for a worthy organization to support in our effort to do more, we took an interesting look at what NEWAH (Nepal Water for Health) is doing to better the access for the Nepalese to clean water, hygiene promotion, and sanitation.  To date, NEWAH has served over 1.4 million people.  Below is a link to their website: Write us and tell us what you think!

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HIMALI welcomes Michael Hauck

    We're honored to welcome Michael Hauck to the HIMALI athlete team!  Mike has some serious projects under his belt, and plenty more in store.  We look forward to sharing Mike's progress with all of you.  We think he's got tons of potential and we're planning on helping him unleash it!

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