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|| High Quality Mountain Apparel ||
From the Mountains
We make outerwear made to stand up to the highest demands on the planet. In addition, we stand to take action for schools and safe water in Nepal. A portion of proceeds are invested into the Himalayan region, particularly by supporting schools and also by fueling initiatives that provide clean water.
About our Logo: 
The 14 tallest peaks on the planet, otherwise known as the 14 8,000 meter peaks, all lie in the Himalaya.
Our logo is an optical illusion in which the number "14" is encapsulated within the letter "H". It's an everlasting reminder of our bottom line - to create quality gear that stands up to highest and harshest conditions on Planet Earth. 


Founded - 2014





Tel: (970) 445 4133

2150 South Bellaire Street, Denver, CO 80222
Suite 101
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