Primaloft® specializes in creating high quality synthetic insulation layers that insulate when wet.?

Products made with Primaloft® insulation are warm, lightweight, packable, and breathable. This makes Primaloft® materials a great fit for high output activities where you are working hard in cold weather - or if you are in an environment where moisture management is important.

We use Primaloft® Gold to create our Ascent Hoodie. Primaloft® Gold is a Bluesign® certified fabric that has a CLO value of 0.92, making its insulation comparable to a 550 fill down product. It retains 98% of it’s insulating capacity while wet, making it an excellent choice for humid and rainy climates. It is also hypoallergenic, making it a great alternative for people that are sensitive to down.

We also use Primaloft® Gold in specific high-moisture areas of our Accelerator Down Jacket. This helps to take advantage of the breathability and moisture management qualities of Primaloft® insulation while still capitalizing on the warmth to weight ratio of down.

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