Based in Boulder | Born in Nepal

How it Started.

HIMALI™ was founded in 2014 by Dave Schaeffer and legendary 14 time Everest summiteer and IFMGA climbing guide, Tendi Sherpa. They crossed paths at the base of Aconcagua (the highest peak in South America) and quickly formed a lasting relationship built on mutual respect, shared positivity, and long days at basecamp waiting for the weather to clear. Born from this international friendship came HIMALI™, a brand that creates premium mountaineering apparel and gives back to the Nepali community.

We are #builtfortheclimb

We've utilized high end textiles, coupled with performance based design, to develop an array of apparel made to stand up to the highest and harshest conditions on Planet Earth.

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Our Logo

The Himalaya are home to the 14 tallest peaks on the planet. It is where we go to push the limits of our mental and physical performance. These peaks are collectively known as the 14 Eight Thousand Meter Peaks.

These 14 peaks are represented within our logo, where the number 14 is encapsulated within the letter H. This is an everlasting reminder of our bottom line: to create quality gear that stands up to the world's highest and harshest demands.

Everything we do has an impact. We work hard to ensure that we treat people & the planet with respect. Learn more below.

Mountaineering and mentorship go hand in hand. We wouldn’t be who we are today without the support of our teachers and training partners. The people that we meet in the wild spaces around the world give us new perspectives and make us better people.

That is why we take action to uplift our global community through partnering with different social programs and by giving our gear to people that need and use it.

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We use high performing recycled materials, work with bluesign® system partners, use fluorocarbon free waterproofing, and source down from RDS certified suppliers in order to create products that are good for us and the earth.

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There is no denying that getting deep into a snowy mountain range tends to put us in a different headspace. It is where the icy air in our lungs, our racing heartbeat, and the majestic views all fight for our attention. It is where our decisions have real and immediate consequences - and is a big part of what makes our lives feel real, interesting, and meaningful.

This is why creating high quality apparel that allows you to perform at your highest level is at the core of what we do and informs every decision that we make.

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Our Giveback

We are always looking for ways to give back to our local and global community; we wouldn't be where we are today without your support! Here are some of the organizations that we proudly support:


Our Partners