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Resides In: Nepal 

Primary Discipline: High Altitude Mountaineering



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I was born in 1983 in the remote village of Khembalung, a spiritual and historical place situated inside Makalu Barun National Park. I started this trekking and mountaineering career early, at 13, and have seen many ups and downs in the past 20 years.

In 2003, I started the training and obtained the trek-guide license from the Nepal Academy of Tourism and Hotel Management (NATHM). Since then, it has been a wonderful trips around many beautiful corners of Nepal leading many westerners.

My experience comes not just from growing up in the mountains, I am one of the few Nepalis to accomplish a Diploma in Mountain Guide, certified by the IFMGA/UIAGM (with no ski), since I was very interested in rescue activities I got opportunity to participate in Longline Helicopter Rescue Training in 2011, conducted by Maison Francois Xavier Bagnoud du Sauvetage FXB and Air Glacier in Sion, Switzerlnad.

As a guide, I have led 13 successful expeditions to the Everest Summit, and perhaps more importantly, have also participated in many successful mountaineering training, rescues, volunteering, and many other social activities. My conquests include many renowned summits in the Nepal and Tibet Himalaya, Andes as well as in the European subcontinent.

During these expeditions, I have had the opportunity to work with some respected international companies and teams which included:
• Audan Trekking
• Haute Route Himalayenne
• Mountain Madness
• Rainier Mountaineering Inc.
• Patagonian Brothers Expedition
• Fernando Grajales Expedition

I am also a technical partner for Audan Trekking and TAGnepal Treks & Expedition involving an international team with professional staff from Switzerland and Nepal.

I love sharing my experiences and all the stories I have witnessed while trekking and mountaineering, the Himalayan region’s cultural practices - each trip has been unique.

In addition to my career as a professional climber and trekker, I am also involved with social organizations – currently, I am the Treasurer for The Nepal National Mountain Guide Association which is promoting international standards in guiding by supporting mountain guides’ educations, as well as for NepalkoSathi, a Swiss NGO supporting education, health and other services in remote villages in Nepal.


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