Rob Powell - HIMALI ™ athlete section




Born In: South Africa 

Resides In: Chamonix, France 

Primary Discipline: Alpinism



Rob Powell Ice Climbing HIMALI


There’s something not quite right about Rob Powell, but that’s what makes him perfect. If we had to describe Rob in one word, VETERAN. Rob has knocked off some serious lines: “Eternal Flame” on Trango Tower, “The Nose” on El Capitan, and the north face of "The Dru", not that we’re name droppers or anything...

Why do we like Rob so much? We’re still trying to figure that out. In all seriousness though, Rob Powell is a machine; he does it all. It’s not everyday that you meet a guy who boulders hard, does big wall, and isn’t afraid to throw freezing altitude into the mix. Rob is a stout mixed climber and an absolute blast to be around; always the guy making everybody laugh. Most importantly, when things hit the fan, you know he’s got your back. There’s not much more you can ask for in a teammate and we’re stoked to have him!


Rob Powell Climbing HIMALI