How to dress when hiking in low temperatures

If you too believe that it’s never too cold for hiking, then you’re mistaken! What about an average person who might feel freezing in cold weather when hiking?

Do you think you can survive 40-degrees or below temperature when hiking? Well, to say it bluntly, you cannot. It is not at all safe to hike below 40-degrees temperature. Even if you are willing to, you must possess specialized knowledge and survival skills to stay warm and avoid conditions like frostbite or hypothermia.

Undeniably, hiking at 40-degrees or below temperature is just too dangerous. However, if you have the right knowledge and all the dress hacks, then you can end up making your hiking journey a bit easier.

Do you want to know how? Let’s take a look!

How to Hike in Cold Temperature?

Are you ready to take up this challenge of hiking in 40-degrees weather? Well, for that you need to do some research work and study before you are on it. If you are already prepared for different weather temperatures, then most likely you’ll benefit from it when you come across such challenges while hiking.

We all know how different it is hiking in 60-degrees weather and 40 or 32-degrees. But when you have the right hiking gear and all things handy, you can hike even at 0-degrees.

It takes time, effort, money, and the right research work to understand how to protect yourself from hypothermia or frostbite is the research work you must do in advance.

What you need to learn and prepare for is how to hike in 40-degrees or below the temperature to keep yourself comfortable and safe even while camping.

How to Prevent Hypothermia and Frostbite while hiking?

Hypothermia and Frostbite are the two major risks when hiking in 40-degrees or below temperature. Both the conditions happen in cold temperatures and very quickly their symptoms start appearing.

Hypothermia is a condition when your body temperature drops too far below normal. The first of its symptoms are shivering and then a state of confusion and disorientation. Before the signs get to the next step, you have to warm the body as quickly as possible.

Hypothermia is only preventable through the dressing. If you know what to wear when hiking in 40-degrees weather or below, you will keep your dressing in layers to prevent losing body heat. Keep your core and extremities covered with the right hiking gear or accessories to prevent such conditions.

Frostbite is another condition that freezes your skin. When frostbite becomes severe it can freeze the flesh underneath apart from the top layer of your skin. Hence, you should have ample hiking gear to keep your skin warm and dry to avoid frostbite.

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What to wear when hiking in 40-degrees?

Although 40-degrees is not an extremely cold weather condition for the average person, it is cold. If you think you can hie in shorts or a top, then it’s not a good idea. To keep yourself warm and safe, you need a warm jacket and long warm pants. The jacket you are buying must be waterproof from the outside and the layer closest to your skin should be moisture-wicking.

Apart from a jacket and long pants, you should have an extra pair of socks and gloves with you. In case, the clothes you are planning to wear for hiking get wet too quickly, then chances are you are increasing your chances of getting hypothermia or frostbite. Therefore, please ensure your hiking dress should be waterproof.

Additionally, you need to keep a hat and waterproof boots to hiking easily in cold temperatures. If you are looking for an online store to buy some good hiking gear, then you should visit Himali.

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Essential Tips to Stay Warm in Cold Temperature

1. Staying warm in extremely cold weather is not just about keeping all the stuff, you need to take care of the needs of the inside body. No doubt, you must be keeping enough water supply with you while hiking. What you need more is a thermos of hot tea/coffee to keep your body warm from inside.

2. Apart from liquid, you need to keep your bag stuffed with high-energy snacks to keep your body fueled. It helps in regulating the normal body temperature with full energy.

3. When you are packing your bag for hiking, it is important to keep dry clothes along with wet clothes. If you have extra dry clothes with you, you can easily adjust the temperature in case you’re feeling sweaty.

4. The best tip for hiking is to maintain a pace and follow it till the end. You have to ensure that your pace is steady during the whole hike as it is beneficial in keeping your blood flow and body temperature normal. Don’t stop and start again and again as it will be hard for your body to follow. Just hike through straight with a steady speed!


To conclude, hiking in cold weather is all about preparing yourself and your body for the worst. When you’re already prepared from mind and body, you’ll remain comfortable throughout the hike.

Make a checklist for all the essentials when planning to hike in cold temperatures like weather, apparel, accessories, gears, things to keep your body warm on the trail. You can check out Himali, an online store for all types of mountaineering apparel and accessories.

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