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Meet HIMALI™ CoFounder, Tendi Sherpa

The Unimaginable: A 13 year-old boy without shoes, porting 93 lb. loads to elevations of 17,700+ ft. Now, 31 Tendi Sherpa has climbed his way to a prolific career as an 11-Time Everest Summiter. Meet Tendi Sherpa, CoFounder of HIMALI and a world-renowned mountaineering icon with a heart of gold. Read the full story in English here. Media House

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"From Bottom to Top", the Story of Tendi Sherpa

For someone who has reached the summit of Mt. Everest 10 times, Tendi Sherpa is an exceptionally grounded man. Driven not by fame or glory, his love affair with the world's tallest peaks was initially fueled by hopes of being well fed and properly clothed. At just 13 years of age, Tendi landed a job as a porter on a 24 day expedition in Annapurna region of Nepal. It was a long way from Mt. Everest and Tendi’s home village near Mt. Makalu. Lacking the proper gear or even a good pair of shoes, Tendi performed exceptionally well. He managed 95 pounds of equipment, porting it to altitudes as high as 17,000 feet.       A year later, when Tendi...

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Update from Tendi Sherpa: Everest Base Camp North (Tibet)

Dear everybody, After spending a couple of days/nights at 6400m (ABC), we are finally back down to Everest Base Camp (North).  Here is a day by day account of our situation on the mountain: April 25, 2015 (The Earthquake): We were spending an acclimatization day in advanced base camp when we began to experience terrible earthquakes. The whole mountain was shaking like crazy! The ground sounded like it was going to break, huge avalanches were falling down below the 7500m ridge, and everyone was shouting around the camps. Luckily, no rocks fell over our camp and our team was safe. I immediately rushed to call home but the network was overloaded and I couldn't speak to my family. I was...

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