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HIMALI: A Gear Company with Great Ideas and Products

Want to see more from Alan's Blog? CLICK HERE. Otherwise, continue reading below.  How often does a new company enter the highly competitive market for quality outdoor jackets and clothing … and succeed? Well, Boulder, Colorado-based HIMALI has done just that and judging by their second-generation line, they are excelling. Full disclosure, company founders Dave Schaeffer and Tendi Sherpa provided at no charge all the gear I have used for evaluation. I’ve been using their first-generation down jacket for over a year now and it has become my goto jacket here in Colorado, on Nepal’s Island Peak last October and this year in Ecuador and Bolivia.  The second-generation is full of small improvements and maintains the quality and durability of its’...

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David Roeske Summits K2 In Record 19 Days, Without Supplemental Oxygen

Photo by David Roeske HIMALI™ athlete, David Roeske summited K2 on July 25, 2019, without the aid of supplemental oxygen - it is thought to be a record-breaking expedition time of just 19 days. This achievement marks the alpinist’s fourth 8000-meter peak summit without bottled oxygen. 
 Roeske successfully summited K2 a little over 12 months after unexpected events in July 2018 thwarted his first attempt. During his first expedition to the mountain, Roeske delayed his K2 summit attempt in order to help save the life of British climber, Rick Allen. Allen was lost on neighboring mountain, Broad Peak, the world’s twelfth highest mountain. Roeske and his Swedish climbing partner, Fredrik Sträng, were beginning a summit attempt on Broad Peak...

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Climbing The Seven Summits Everest 2018 Blog: …Second Rotation.. Camp 2…

…Second Rotation.. Camp 2… May 2, 2018  |In Everest |By CTSS Team Photo: Khumbu Icefall - Mount Everest - 2018 The team made their way to Camp 1 yesterday morning, beginning their final acclimatization rotation before returning to base camp to rest in anticipation of the summit. The morning was cold and windy and the night was punctuated by small rockfalls and avalanches off Lintgren and Lo La, not in danger of the route. Soon temps warmed as the crew reached C1 and the sun hit camp. Everyone made impressive time though the ice fall which bodes well for their stated goal of tagging camp 3 on this rotation. Click HERE to read the full blog on

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