The newest addition to our team! Amity Warme has always been energetic and movement oriented. She grew up in the world of competitive gymnastics, which led to a natural transition when she first tried rock climbing indoors. She was taking an intro orientation while in college and was hired by the climbing wall on her first day. Then, her husband-to-be took her climbing outside - it was love at first sight.

Together, they have been embracing a life of vertical adventure ever since, knocking off iconic climbs including: “Enter the Dragon” (5.13+ R) & “Vesper” (5.13d/14a) in The Fins (Idaho), “Tricks are for Kids” (5.13) in Indian Creek (Utah), and “Liberty Crack Free” (5.13b, 12 pitches) in Washington Pass (Washington).

She reached a turning point in her climbing career when she climbed her first 5.13 on trad, “The Optimator” in Indian Creek. The line helped her to realize her capabilities and encouraged her to seek out routes that both challenge her and continue to develop her skills as a climber.

Amity is currently in school pursuing her Masters in Sports Nutrition while her and Connor travel around the American West in their van exploring beautiful landscapes and finding climbs that inspire her to try REALLY hard. Amity loves connecting with fellow adventure enthusiasts in the climbing community, so if you ever see her and the crag, go say hello!

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