3 Sisters on 7 Summits

Rolwaling, Northeast Nepal.


Rolwaling is a rural valley village surrounded by mountains in Northeast Nepal. It sits at an elevation of 4,200m (13,779ft) and is surrounded by steep cliffs that are both stunning and brutal. These geographic features help to shape the people that live there, and may have contributed to its legacy status in the mountaineering community. This small farming community of Rolwaling is home to 15 Certified IFMGA guides and 60 Everest summiteers - a high count even among Sherpa communities in Nepal.


Rinzin Doma Sherpa (mom) & Jangmu in the background

Even among Rolwaling families, there is one set of siblings that stands out in terms of their accomplishments, their ambition, and their love of their community.


Not only has their brother, Mingma G Sherpa ‘brought it to the next level’ with his Winter K2 summit - but these three sisters, Nima Jangmu Sherpa, Tshering Namgya Sherpa, and Dawa Futi Sherpa, have their own big ambitions of being the first 3 Nepali Women from the same family to stand atop the highest peak in each continent.


They are starting their journey by climbing to the Summit of Everest this Spring 2021.


Khumbu Icefall - Everest - Nepal 2021


“Everest has never been climbed by 3 sisters from the same family and we are planning on the project in Spring 2021. We 3 sisters, Nima Jangmu Sherpa, Tshering Namgya Sherpa and Dawa Futi Sherpa are taking this opportunity to make the women climbing community proud. We know to fight for our right fulfilling our duties. This is fighting against ourselves and this is fighting against women who think they are not capable of dreaming big and doing big. If we can encourage other women to dream big and fight for it, we will feel we succeed.” - Jangmu Sherpa



(From Left) Oldest Brother Mingma G Sherpa, Nima Jangmu Sherpa, Tshering Namgya Sherpa, Dawa Futi Sherpa